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A. If the nuisance is not abated within the time specified in the notice of decision, the City shall have the power to abate such nuisance without further notice, including the power to condemn, destroy, or demolish any property constituting the nuisance if the nuisance cannot feasibly be abated without destruction of such property. If the property owner fails to consent to the City’s entry on their property to abate the nuisance and has a reasonable expectation of privacy therein, the City shall seek an abatement warrant as set forth in Section 1.24.060.

B. Except as provided in Section 1.24.050.C, if sealed bids or proposals are required under Section 67 of the Charter to perform any abatement authorized by this section or any other provision of this code which authorizes abatement of nuisances or violations, the City may advertise for said bids by posting advertisements in the same manner and at the same location as required for ordinances, for five consecutive days. (Ord. 6552-NS § 2, 2000: Ord. 6530-NS § 5, 2000: Ord. 6156-NS § 12, 1992)