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Whenever the City determines that property in the City is maintained as a nuisance and declares said property a public nuisance pursuant to the appropriate Berkeley Municipal Code section or other law, the City shall:

A. Provide written notice to abate to the owner in the manner and in the form provided in this chapter.

B. The notice shall state the proper street address of the subject property and should be served personally or by first class mail, postage prepaid. Additionally, one copy of the notice shall be conspicuously posted on the property.

C. The notice shall advise the owner of a reasonable time limit, in no event less than seven calendar days, in which the owner shall take corrective action to remedy the nuisance, except as set forth in Section 1.24.040 of this chapter.

D. The notice shall specify the Berkeley Municipal Code sections or statute violated and state all the facts constituting the nuisance.

E. The notice shall specify the corrective action required, including temporary corrective action when appropriate.

F. The notice shall advise the property owner that failure to correct the violation will result in the City’s correcting the violation and collecting the charges by billing or by lien on the property.

G. The notice shall advise the owner of the right to file an appeal within 15 calendar days if the owner seeks to challenge the charge that a nuisance exists.

H. The notice shall advise the owner they must either correct the violation or request a hearing in order to avoid City abatement and liability for cost of abatement.

I. The notice shall advise the owner that failure to appeal shall constitute waiver of the right to an administrative hearing to contest the charge of nuisance. (Ord. 6530-NS § 2, 2000: Ord. 6156-NS § 3, 1992)